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Updated: Aug 29

McDonald’s has recently published an article saying they will discontinue their stickers loyalty cards starting August 2022. They are going digital and offering loyalty cards and coupons via their app.

While Tim Hortons and Starbucks - who together own more than 75% of the marketshare of coffee business in Canada - have already launched their apps offering digital reward program, with McDonald’s joining the race, the impact will most likely be less customers for small coffee shops.

Where does that leave you? Your business definitely needs a technological tool similar to McDonald’s but you are lacking the million dollars marketing and IT budget.

Does your business have a digital rewards program in place?

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At Joobee world, we have developed the Joobee business app for small businesses to help you:

  • offer digital loyalty cards and digital coupons using a QR code system

  • Social media platform so your customer can promote your business by sharing their experience with their network

  • Instant messages for easy customer communication. No more emails, and phone calls invading customers privacy

  • Paperless solution to your customer relationship

What could be the benefits of digital loyalty cards and e-coupons?

  1. Customer retention and acquisition

  2. Branding

  3. Data analytics to better understand your customers

  4. Get ahead of competition

  5. Too many benefits to include in a single list

All you need is an iPhone/iPad and start growing your customer base with the Joobee Business app.

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Lamine Gueye, Founder and CEO of Joobee World Inc.

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